Opening or thinking of (re-)starting up your own local business? Whether it’s a franchise, food truck, or freelance venture, you might find yourself in need of some help to get the word out about your services.

Depending on your style of doing business, here are three different “schools” of thought to explore for successful local internet marketing.

Meeting with established members of the community face-to-face is still a solid step toward having your business become well-known. Long before Yelp and Yellow pages, places like your local Chamber of Commerce were the cornerstone directories for discovering and registering local businesses. Be sure to check them out, as these can still be a beneficial place to begin the networking and business-planning (or -growing) process. Membership benefits include shipping discounts, free cybersecurity training, expanded access to networking opportunities, and more!

Additionally, there are multiple private and non-profit associations dedicated to supporting small businesses. SCORE offers business-building mentorship and free workshops that supply you with both relevant instruction and networking opportunities.

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